A catastrophic injury can emotionally and financially impact an individual and an untimely death can pass that burden on to family members and other.  Cade has personal injury trial experience in a variety of counties across the State of Texas.  He has successfully recovered verdicts for individuals injured or killed by the negligence of another.  

Cade welcomes referrals, joint ventures, and local counsel opportunities with other lawyers. Indeed, the majority of cases handled by Cade are referred by other lawyers from all around the country who respect and understand the reputation, qualifications, and advantages that Cade brings to each case. We welcome the opportunity to joint venture or review referrals from other lawyers and promptly pay referral fees to participating referring lawyers if a recovery is achieved.

When you are looking to refer or associate other counsel on your case, you want a board certified personal injury trial lawyer with proven experience, financial capabilities, strong credibility, and a track record of success.  Additionally, our network of experts in all areas of personal injury gives us a powerful advantage to gain maximum compensation.  If you have a client that requires representation in Texas or in a field outside your primary practice area, or if we can assist you or your client in any other way, please feel free to contact Browning Law Firm to further explore partnering and referral opportunities.

Ethical Rules for Referrals

A new set of rules for the ethical practice of law in Texas have taken affect, changing the responsibility of the referring lawyer. These rule changes have made it even more important for referring attorneys to exercise caution when referring their clients to another law firm. Our practice has been built upon referrals from other attorneys and law firms as well as former clients. Our results are consistently excellent and our law firm is always ethical.

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