Abilene Life Insurance Claim Denial Attorney

We purchase life insurance in order to provide financial protection for our loved ones and our dependants even after we are gone. We spend hundreds or thousands of dollars every year to pay for a policy with a large enough payment amount that it will provide for funeral and medical expenses and allow our dependants to pay off any debts we leave behind. However, insurance companies are focused on making money; to do this, they all too frequently deny covered life insurance claims automatically, hoping that the beneficiaries will not pursue the matter. It is important to not give up simply because your claim was denied or you are getting the run around. Our law firm can help you get the benefits your loved one wanted you to have.

If the insurance company is delaying payment or has denied the claim, it is important to consult an experienced life insurance lawyer to learn about your rights and your options.

At the Browning Law Firm, our life insurance denial lawyers can help.

Reasons for Life Insurance Claim Denials

People come to our firm after having their life insurance claims denied for:

  • Undisclosed medical conditions
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Behavior that causes the death of the insured which excuses payment
  • Claims that were filed too late
  • Claim forms that were incorrectly completed
  • Questions about insured’s competency
  • Questions about the actual cause of death

Life insurance companies have a legal duty to provide benefits to an insured’s named beneficiaries. When they do not, their decisions can often be successfully challenged and force the insurer to pay. They took the premiums, now they need to pay the benefits. Call us to help.