Wildfires can be devastating and are becoming a more constant experience in West Texas. The Browning Law Firm, PLLC and Cade Browning have handled some of the largest wildfire cases in West Texas from both sides of the docket, including the Rockhouse Fire, the Electra West Fire, the Game Ranch Fire, and numerous others. Wildfire litigation is complex.

Mr. Browning is well-versed in the NFPA-921, which governs the cause and origin analysis of wildfires, and has the expertise and knowledge to have the correct engineers available to prove our case.

We know how to perform comprehensive fire investigations. Our wildfire attorneys are committed to helping individuals, families, ranchers, property owners, and businesses recover after a fire disaster has left them with no home, burned pastures, destroyed trees, killed livestock, lost income, medical bills, the loss of a loved one, and/or extensive damage to real estate and personal belongings.