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After experiencing a bad accident, I was fortunate to have been recommended to Mr. Cate Browning of Browning Law Firm here in Abilene, Texas, Mr. Browning and his legal team worked very hard spending lots of time preparing, litigating and resolving my case. The process took some time to resolve, but at the end I very pleased of the case outcome. I know that Mr. Browning will always be there for me should I need legal assistance in the future.

I Personally give Mr. Cate Browning and his legal team a 5 star rating for their professionalism, compassion and assuring that I was treated with the upmost respect and
assuring that my case was handled with diligence for a successful resolution . The whole team overall was and is awesome. So if you
are in need an attorney who will works towards your best interest, contact the Browning Law Firm located in Abilene, Texas……..Rcv -client

accept, litigate and resolved my case. Mr. Cate Browning and his legal team are very knowledgeable and up to date on legal rules. The process took some time to come to a resolution, however it was not on my attorney, but the apposing side. So glad this experience is over. Again I give my attorney, Mr. Cate Browning a 5 Star + overall.
I highly recommend Browning Law firm to anyone needing a great attorney who stands up for you!

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