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I was honored to receive the following note from one of my wonderful clients the other day:

Dear Cade,

I have been thinking for a long time on just how to say Thank You for all that you have done and are still doing to right the wrong of my accident at work. I personally feel that it is just as important to search for the best Attorney for your situation as it is to get the best Surgeon when needed. I feel God Blessed me the day he put you in my life to take care of my situation the way he knew I wanted to be taken care of. You were always there for me and still are. You made me feel you knew what it was like to be wondering what was going on with my case, so you would always have an E-mail sent to me of everything you were doing or a nice phone call of an update. You know what it is like to walk a mile in someone elses moccasins and feel there pain with them. You know just what words of comfort and just when to say hang in there I’m taking care of you, I’m your attorney, don’t worry, and you have a way of doing just that. The peace you give to your clients, me included, is Amazing. You have been gifted with not only being very compassionate about being an Excellent Attorney, but a Blessing to know a good honest Christian Attorney is still around in Abilene, Texas, and people don’t have to go to Dallas to get a good one, we have the best right here. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! Thank you for continuing to be so thoughtful, understanding, guiding, and most of all so very intelligent in what you do. Can’t Thank You enough for being so caring and genuine, and for being such a good listener. Many Thanks,

Your friend and client,

After being struck and injured in an auto accident with my 9 yr old son I found help with Browning Law firm. Cade Browning took on our case to help us navigate through all of the insurance issues.

Mr Browning and his wonderful paralegal Candace handled all of the paper work, filings and contact with the person who caused the accidents attorney and insurance company every step of the way.
I had undergone medical treatment following my accident.

Cade Browning in his expertise fought for our rights and a very fair settlement.

I would strongly recommend his law firm to anyone suffering after an accident, he will fight for your rights and navigate you through the difficulty of dealing with insurance companies that do not have your best interests in mind.
The Browning Law firm cared about the pain and anguish that my son and I experienced following our accident.
Cade Browning spoke on our behalf to make sure the insurance companies did their job.

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