$162,000,000 verdict in Zavala County over stolen oil field leases in the Eagle Ford

A Zavala County jury returned a verdict that legal experts estimate will probably be $162-million or more after a hearing is held to determine the final damages. The case before 365th District Cout basically centered on claims by a small privately-held oil company that a larger energy conglomerate stole leases from them in the Eagle Ford. Through initial production and assessments these leases are predicted to produce some $19-billion in revenues from oil and gas finds. Plaintiff in the case was Longview Energy Company and named defendants included The Huff Energy Fund, L.P., WRH Energy Partners, L.L.C., W.R. Huff Asset Management Com., LLC, William R. “Bill” Huff, Rick D’ Angelo, Ed Dartley, Bryan Bloom, Riley-Huff Energy Group, LLC and Bobby Riley. Longview Energy typically seeks investors for oil deals the company finds and puts together and through their operations attracted the attention of The Huff Energy Fund.  Staff, Eagle Pass Leader  06/12/2012
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