Forrest Bowers of Lubbock named a Texas Legal Legend

Forrest Bowers, who flew a P-51 fighter plane over Japan in World War II and then became a lawyer in Brownfield and Lubbock, was named a Texas Legal Legend on Tuesday, April 1, by the Litigation Section of the State Bar of Texas.  It is a well deserved honor for a true legend and the father of a great friend and wonderful lawyer, Fred Bowers

orrest Bowers, in addressing the audience, spoke of the “good old days” of practicing law. “When I say ‘the good old days,’ I mean to emphasize that there has been a great change in the practice of law since I started 63 years ago.”

He added, “I have a message that I want to give to the lawyers that are here today, but especially to law students: If I were required to put a title on the remarks I want to make today, I would have to call it ‘stem the tide.’ ”

He added, “There have been movements in the past several years that have, in my opinion, effectively closed the courthouse doors to the most valuable right of a trial by jury.”

He said his message is that it’s vitally important to keep courthouse doors open and perpetuate the trial-by-a-jury system.

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