Learning to Litigate with Apps

Advanced Trial Strategies, State Bar of Texas, 2013 

When asked to give this speech, I had just recently bought my wife an iPad so she could check e-mail and Facebook. While doing this, I bought one for myself, too, to use on the road to check e-mail and my calendar. I agreed to give this speech to make myself begin to use this new piece of equipment and see if it could help my practice. What I have found has changed the way I litigate even the most basic car wreck cases.

Please do not expect this presentation to be the end all be all of the cutting edge technological aspects of a litigation practice using an iPad. For that type of presentation, please refer, as I defer, to Mark Unger and Grant Scheiner, other articles in the Texas Bar Journal, and those blogs on the internet by very Mac savvy lawyers.

The theme of this presentation is more along the lines of, “If he can do it, anyone can” or more appropriately, “A West Texas Redneck’s attempt to use an iPad.”

There are over 500,000 different apps available to download, many of them for free. I will not attempt to even call the ones discussed herein as the top apps or nearly an exhaustive list of apps that could be utilized in a litigation practice. However, I will go through some apps I have found that can be incorporated into a trial practice which will change the way you think, present your cases and work remotely.