The Jarrett Paul Mantanona Memorial Event~5 K Race,1 Mile Walk

I am honored to represent the Mantanona Family regarding the tragic loss of their eight-year-old son, Jarrett, on May 13, 2011.   In addition to trying to help this family negotiate and navigate the civil liability issues and liaison them through the criminal justice system as victims, I have been inspired by their faith and determination to not let Jarrett’s death be in vain.  As part of this process we are working on some proposed legislative changes related to the current state of the law regarding DWI and Contributing to a Minor penalties, both civilly and criminally, in Texas.  In order to bring attention to this cause known as Jarrett’s Law, raise awareness of drunk driving and its consequences and to honor the one year anniversary of this tragic preventable death, the Mantanona Family along with the Abilene Runner’s Club, is holding the first annual Jarrett Paul Mantanona Memorial Event 5 K Race-1 Mile Walk this Sunday at Redbud Park.  What a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day helping to remember this young man and helping to do what we can to prevent it from happening again.  Please join us in this worthy cause.  Information can be found at the below links: 

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